Space for you and your baby

Space at St Andrew’s- New Programme starts Friday 9 February  2024, 12.30pm

Come and join us at St Andrew’s as we build a community of support each week and talk through our parenting journey, discuss a range of topics focused on your babies development and share in a yummy morning tea. At St Andrew’s we create a safe environment to share experiences and form connections with others going through the same highs and lows. We include music and developmentally appropriate play for your baby alongside a shared story. The St Andrew’s Space programme offers excellent learning and support for new babies and their families and is highly recommended by those who have taken part.

About Space: Space supports you and your baby throughout your first critical year together. Together with your little one, you’ll meet weekly over 25 -40 weeks to explore parenting and your baby’s development as you discover what works for your family in a safe, facilitated environment. As well as discussion topics such as sleep, attachment and brain development, you’ll enjoy music, books and play experiences while getting to know other new families and building strong relationships in your local community.

One of the best things about Space is the village – each week parents will join other parents going through similar experiences as they too navigate caring for a tiny human. We’ve seen the relationships formed within Space groups provide invaluable  support and connection for parents and babies alike.

Please encourage anyone you know to join this wonderful support group at this precious and vulnerable time.

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