St Andrew’s is a progressive Christian Community found in the heart of Epsom. We are committed to growing God’s people, through worship, education for children and adults, and loving service in our community. We worship and pray together, we enjoy each other’s company, and sometimes we disagree. There is room for many points of view at St Andrew’s!

Since what we believe emerges from an ever-deepening understanding of God, ourselves, and our tradition, we prefer to think of ourselves on a journey rather than having arrived at any universal set of beliefs. Following Jesus Christ and led by the Holy Spirit, we believe we are being drawn into “all truth.” Therefore, our belief is continually informed by: our experience; a deep respect of the Bible; respect for the experience and tradition of the Church; and the need to use our minds with creative imagination. As Anglicans, we draw on centuries-old traditions in liturgical and sacramental worship, and also hope to be relevant and contemporary in our engagement with current social issues and our involvement in our local community. We are an Anglican church in the Diocese of Auckland, and thus a part of the Anglican Communion, a world-wide fellowship of self-governing churches in communion with the Archbishop of Canterbury.


During this time Church services will resume at 9.30am only on Sundays. Numbers are limited to 60 to ensure adequate social distancing and you must register to attend. If you are unable to attend in person, you can join the 9.30am service via Zoom.  Please email office@standrewsepsom.org.nz  to register for the 9.30am service.


Our historic Anglican church is a popular venue for many weddings and funerals.  We are very happy to assist people with these important occasions.  As a community in the Anglican tradition we believe that these services should be conducted with particular care.  To ensure that guests in our sacred space always receive the best experience of St Andrew’s, all weddings and funerals are conducted by one of our staff members or another appropriate ordained Anglican minister. We will be delighted to talk with you about planning your celebration or time of remembrance.

Baptism in the Anglican tradition is how we welcome new members into the Christian community.  For this reason we conduct baptisms during a 9.30am Sunday Service so that our community is present to witness this important occasion.

If you wish to talk further about a Wedding, Funeral or Baptism please use the contact details below. Please include your phone number when emailing or leaving a message.